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Look at This Thing I Just Made Hey

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8/17/10 03:07 pm - Writer's Block: Take me out

Have you ever gotten involved with a co-worker or classmate? How did it work out?

"What's it like to go on a date before you're 30? My friend Alex says it's like the movie Dirty Dancing but I think it might be more like in the movie Grease. Alex said he went on a date once with Jenny Stevens way back in 7th grade and she let him hold her hand but I think he's lying because he never even talked about until a lot of years later when we were discussing what movies it is like. Also I heard there's a kind of tea you can buy where if a girl drinks it she has to kiss you, she can't even help it. Like it's enchanted or something. Where is a palce I can buy this tea?? How does kissing even work? I tried practicing on a doll but I can't tell if I was doing it right. Any help would be appreciated- thanks everyone!!!"

7/26/10 05:32 pm - Burger Time

The Red Robin restaurant chain had a contest where you draw a cheeseburger with an Etch-a-Sketch. It sounds like I made that up but I didn't.

VariantCollapse )

5/17/10 08:38 pm - A Major Player in the Cowboy Scene

Brush+ink, scanned, digitally manipulated/colored with GIMP

5/16/10 09:20 pm - Look Who's Back in Town


5/10/10 01:29 pm - More Graffiti

Facebook Graffiti: Pop Culture References and In-Jokes
Some of these aren't so good on the technical front but not on purpose

As usual the embedded, replayable files are beneath the cutCollapse )

5/7/10 04:52 pm - The Angler Fish Woman in Billy's Bedroom

I just drew this for a thing (you should join!).

4/29/10 09:44 pm - Writer's Block: Tolerance 101?

If you could create/select a new subject that had to be taught in high school, what would it be, and why?

Farts and maybe sneezing but I think that should be optional.

4/29/10 09:35 pm - Stuff of interest to no one stuff of interest to everyone

Have you seen the new Lady Gaga video?

4/29/10 07:37 pm - Largest gallery this side of the galleria

You guys I have been drawing way too much with Sharpie I think I might have gotten Permanent Hazy Dizzy Achehead from it or maybe it is all the sugar and caffeine and taurine and no food or it could just be Life that is like that. Maybe it is all these things. I'm not a scientist.

4/29/10 02:49 pm - Lonely Swedish

Some Swedish blog hotlinked to one of my Gifs and I think accused me of being bad at golf?


4/28/10 04:32 pm - rough gems

And now for another installment of I Found This Old MS Paint Rough Draft on My Desktop and What?

I don't think I could improve upon these.

4/27/10 04:33 pm - Gallery Expansion

4/27/10 03:10 pm - Syndication

My agent called me last night and said, "Tony, you have some talents but you're wasting them. You need to make comics that would appeal to a mainstream audience if you want to get that ca$h." He's never steered me wrong before so I said, "OK."

Now you can read my comics in the newspaper! Monday through Friday!

It is just going to be that strip every day but J. Jonah Jameson assured me that no one will notice.

If you'll excuse me I have to go roll around in a pile of money for an hour.

4/26/10 04:23 pm - Things You Can Do

I can't sleep at night usually so last night instead of wasting the awake I made an art gallery in my room. All the pieces are modestly priced, IMHO

It is basically open 24/7 so come on by. Come on, buy!!

*I was kidding but if you mail me a picture or a story or whatever you want to take its place (not LITERALLY like it does not have to be the same size) that is the price, or else like $2 if you hate making stuff. It feels weird to charge money for a thing though.
(if we see each other in person you don't have to mail it)

Anyway stay tuned, there are already eight new pieces hanging on the wall.

4/23/10 07:55 pm - More Stuff Other People Done

Sometimes you have adventures inside of a computer that you didn't even know you were doing at the time.

4/22/10 02:06 pm - Still Life with an Elephant and Parasol

It was Aimee's birthday so I painted this for her and no one else understands it but I think that is OK

4/21/10 07:13 pm

Are you guys interview pros like I am?

4/20/10 02:36 pm - Found Art

I just found these in a private post from February 2009. I do that a lot but not on purpose.
I was having emotions so I scribbled this self-portrait

as reference and then I painted this thing

but I didn't finish.
It looks cooler as a thumbnail

Welcome to my Crib

My Crib is a mess.

Now get out of here!

4/19/10 08:08 pm - BEAST ROAST 2010

"You should make a poster for Beast Roast!"
"I don't even know what that is."
"It is a big outdoor concert we're playing this weekend."
"Who else is playing?"
"I don't know."
"I'll just guess."

Also Fortran is playing but I forgot to write it

4/14/10 03:22 pm - Look at that dog.

4/12/10 07:14 pm - Some Facebook Grafitti

Given the nature of 'Graffiti' these tend towards the esoteric, but HEY what doesn't these days

"Congratulations on getting your Maine state driver's license." The Submit button is right next to the Undo button. Though I prefer to think of it like this

This was part of some back and forth so there is more you are not seeing :o

The files are embedded under the cut, in case you wanna watch any draw themselves

Under this, this is the placeCollapse )

4/10/10 02:48 pm - sugar

I posted this to my Twitter a few weeks ago but maybe he wants to visit here too

4/9/10 12:11 am - Some Mini Etches

These are not high-quality photographs they were taken using a mobile telephone

some Ali Jersey

For the second time

4/8/10 04:44 pm - No Context

I made this graph to accompany a ridiculous thing I wrote but I think it speaks pretty well alone

It is a critique of a comment posted to a news story on a college paper's website

4/7/10 05:02 am - Bat in a Boat One

This one goes out to Rad Mike

The character first appeared in this drawing

I feel like color is probably my best tag. I should use it more.

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