Tony (tony_dot_bmp) wrote,

Writer's Block: Take me out

Have you ever gotten involved with a co-worker or classmate? How did it work out?

"What's it like to go on a date before you're 30? My friend Alex says it's like the movie Dirty Dancing but I think it might be more like in the movie Grease. Alex said he went on a date once with Jenny Stevens way back in 7th grade and she let him hold her hand but I think he's lying because he never even talked about until a lot of years later when we were discussing what movies it is like. Also I heard there's a kind of tea you can buy where if a girl drinks it she has to kiss you, she can't even help it. Like it's enchanted or something. Where is a palce I can buy this tea?? How does kissing even work? I tried practicing on a doll but I can't tell if I was doing it right. Any help would be appreciated- thanks everyone!!!"

Tags: did you see the words, memesville, writer's block
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